Friday, March 19, 2010

5 poems


arabia is far away
and stretches out in every direction
but though you cut it up every which way
there's nothing but sand in every section


boom-ba-de-boom, ba-de-boom-boom-boom
boom-ba-de-boom, ba-de-boom-boom-boom
bury my heart in a golden tomb
at the end of the earth, if there's any room


i want to go to china before i die
to see if everything i was taught was a lie
i'll pay some wise old sages a call
we'll sit and talk, beside a waterfall


weary waitresses and bored detectives
fill the hallways with vile invective
hotel down by the railroad tracks
dead shoe salesmen never come back


i woke up this morning with a feeling of despair
and looked around for my teddy bear
but someone had slipped through the bars of my cell
and carried poor teddy off to hell

Saturday, March 13, 2010

love is a mangy dog

life is like a mangy dog
sleeping in a hollow log

with hardly room to scratch or sneeze
his only company the fleas
that without even saying please

feast upon his mortal flesh
yes, life is quite a sorry mesh

a web of futile desperations
solitudes and dissipations

and as the flame of life grows slim
and dreams of glory fade and dim

the dog rolls over on his side
with nothing left to hope or hide

and hears on high the sudden scratch
of a hunter's cigarette-lighting match

and through the mist a waning moon
murmurs, it will be over soon