Saturday, July 3, 2010

afternoon musings of a bounder

there are things about being a cad
some are good, some bad
many over rated
others underappreciated

but being fought over in public
by lovely women is a subject
not sufficiently rendered, i'm sure
in classic literature

heroines of ancient romances
were limited to demure glances
and did not exert their tender muscles
in interfeminine tussles

as objects of manly competition
they respected a tradition
where the brave deserved the fair
and carried her unresisting to his lair

but in this new world of confusion
metamorphosis and illusion
with the old ways discarded and mocked
and babes in arms immune to shock

the fluttering eyelid is no more
the maid steps boldly to the fore
in darkest midnight or broadest day
and seizes on her startled prey

heedless of any scandaled glance
and giving decency no chance
astounds the assembled audience
by insisting on her preference

this modern maiden, in her glory
rewriting the poet's ancient story
"has pleasures of her own to give"
who've never known them, have not lived

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