Wednesday, April 11, 2012

i was the one

i was the one
i was there

i walked the dog
i bounced the ball

i fed the cat
i sang the song

i was there
i saw it all happen

when it was over
they came and asked me

because i was the one
i spun the chamber

i calmed the crowd
i sharpened the stake

i pointed at the bird
and the dog ran down the street

i walked up the stairs
i rang the bell

i sold the encyclopedia
i sat on the front porch

lily mae came out
and offered me a glass of lemonade

i accepted politely
and looked out at the street

the crowd was gone
the dog ran under the light

i drank the lemonade
and gave the glass back to lily mae

who waited patiently
while mrs jones looked out the window

but i was not worthy
even though i was the one

i howled at the moon
i grew the fangs

i defied the mob
i wept in despair

i walked the dog
i bounced the ball

i mixed the mint julep
i begged for forgiveness

all these things happened in a single night
a night that never ended

i was there
i was the one

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