Monday, February 18, 2013

first poem

columbus sailed the ocean blue
napoleon met his waterloo
nero fiddled while rome burned
joan of arc was roasted to a turn

george washington cut down the cherry tree
patrick henry wanted to be free
abraham lincoln freed the slaves
blackbeard rests in a watery grave

cleopatra was fond of snakes
moses was found in the canebrake
isaac newton got hit by an apple
jacob with the angel all night did grapple

delilah cut poor samsons hair
solomon sat in a golden chair
benedict arnold was a traitor foul
old ben franklin was wise as an owl

confucius had a lot to say
buddha sat in the shade all day
friar tuck and robin hood
robbed the bad to feed the good

methusaleh lived to be very old
jesse james was an outlaw bold
bob ford shot jesse in the back
all pride and manhood he did lack

florence nightingale tended the sick
the tower of babel was made of brick
noah built an ark in the rain
goliath by little david was slain

all these things i learned in school
i am a barely tolerable fool
always keep your powder dry
and wait until you see the whites of their eyes

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