Friday, November 22, 2013

jfk poem

jfk was shot
people thought about it a lot
they came to no conclusion
was it all a mass delusion?

a billion narratives sprung
from every brain and tongue
a trillion songs were sung
and have only just begun

in eternity oswald waits
behind the window of fate
in eternity jfk waves
to a trillion spellbound slaves

in eternity jackie's smile
lights up the universe in style
in eternity lbj
straightens his tie and looks away

in his office j edgar hoover
the timeless prime mover
stamps "secret" on a file
whistling all the while

in the shadow ruby lurks
ready for fate's appointed work
and the ghost of marilyn smiling floats
above a windswept swirl of shredded notes

in the dark forest of zapruder
a quadrillion lonely brooders
watch the endless loop of film
which grows brighter and never dims

the magic bullet spins
washing away the sins
of all who came before
and all who stand upon the shore

of the new world brought to birth
crying out for all their worth
my story is the true one
if you don't like it, i've got a new one

by probabilities reckoned
a new narrative every millisecond
a story for every taste
get yours before it's too late

a rainbow of endless stories
in their proliferating glories
for a quintillion happy minions
entitled to their opinions

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