Monday, November 3, 2014

2 more poems


morning gilds the fallen dew
words of lovers false and true
linger in the fading distance
as the sunbeams meet resistance

from a sudden fall of rain
the world goes back to sleep again
who would ever wish to rise
to face such gray and weary skies

but return to fitful slumber
as the raindrops quite outnumber
any good intentions
or meaningful pretensions

rather sink beneath the stream
of an endless violet dream



brothers, let us no more think
or dream, but have another drink
with foolish things let us be done
and only seek oblivion

from wives and children let us hide
and let the bosses scan the tide
to find the wreckage of the ship
on which we made our final trip

the good ship jolly smiling drunk
on which we sailed but now have sunk
so peaceful now our happy band
beneath green water, on silver sand

and let the fish upon us feed
silent in the waving weeds


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