Monday, November 3, 2014

2 poems

by alice marston sternwall

a flower

the little flower bends
before the wind that never ends
and feels the heavy drops
of the rain that never stops

as the road is washed away
it can hear the ocean say
we have come for you at last
all your sunshine now is past

beneath the darkened sky
the flower has no reply
and can only wait for dawn
although all the birds are gone

with their lingering melody
vanquished by the surging sea


a princess

the princess woke in darkest night
and felt that something was not right
and heard the dragon's sad lament
in the dark outside her golden tent

all her guards had run away
because that was their useless way
leaving her alone to bear
the burden of the dragon's tears

oh, thought the princess as he roared
have we not passed this way before
days are endless, nights are long
but he will never cease his song

beneath the sky, across the sea
no prince, no army, to rescue me


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