Thursday, February 23, 2012

page from a notebook

0. the essence of the thing is the thing itself.

1. sense escapes. the thing is left behind.

2. the former expansion of the essence surrounds the thing.

3. the expanded essence is the word.

4. a collision of expanded essences is an affair.

5. affairs are remembered.

6. what is remembered is an affair.

7. the escaped essence leaves the expansion behind, guarding the thing.

8. the thing growls menacingly at the expansion.

9. the escaped essence flies away, laughing.

10. laughter is an affair whose essence has escaped.

11. a thing whose essence has attempted to escape is a laughing matter.

12. but the essence of the thing, which is the thing itself, is no laughing matter.

13. an affair that is no laughing matter is a tough crowd.

14. the essence of the thing is a tough crowd.

15. a crowd with an escaped essence is tough.