Wednesday, December 11, 2019

lady elizabeth crew

by samantha monday sternwall

lady elizabeth crew
was beautiful, kind, and good
the very apotheosis
of british womanhood

she lived in a stately home
beside a placid sea
and everything in her life
was as it was meant to be

her cooks and servants loved her
as did her horses and grooms
adoring dogs and silent kittens
filled up her hundred rooms

every room held cases of books
filled with the wisdom of ages
and as the rain fell softly
lady elizabeth turned their pages

one day a gentleman caller
presented his card at the door
and stood before lady elizabeth
with his boots on the rug on the floor

i have come to you, my lady
the gentleman said with a bow
to say that you must come with me
you must come with me now

elizabeth closed the book in her lap
and placed it on the table
and said, i will do as you ask, sir
as soon as i am able

elizabeth put her hat on her head
and her shawl upon her shoulders
and left her home and life behind
before she was a day older

her younger sister, lady jane
took the house in her possession
and rules it with a steady hand
and admirable discretion

now jane stands at the window
with her hand upon the sill
and watches the birds fly over the sea
but the sea is forever still