Sunday, August 18, 2019

a foggy day

as i walking to london town
i met a hangman and a clown
the clown was dressed in somber style
the hangman wore a happy smile

i asked the hangman for a dime
he paused, and took his own sweet time
who are you, he cheerfully asked
that i should favor you with cash?

i am a creature, sad and forlorn
who never requested to be born
around my neck are no silk scarves
all i wish is not to starve

the hangman nodded and replied
you have opened my eyes wide
i will wipe the smile from off my face
and make the world a better place

with that the hangman disappeared
as the clouds above me leered
the clown and i were left alone
and he was looking at his phone

whatever he saw there did not seem
to wake him from his dolourous dream
i left him and went on my way
what was his fate, i can not say

on a foggy day in london town
a beggar put a payment down
on a castle beside an apple tree
o how i wish that it were me

the beggar, the castle, or the tree
i would be any of the three
the beggar sleeps within the walls
and from the tree an apple falls