Saturday, December 30, 2017

i remember

i remember the good old days
the old fashioned ways
when a dog was a dog and a cat was a cat
and nobody had a problem with that

i remember mr jones’s store
it isn’t there any more
i remember old mr jones
with his twinkling eyes and creaking bones

i remember old mrs jones
scooping and molding ice cream cones
the nickel for the cone burned a hole in my pants
the screen door banged and the shadows danced

i remember charlie chan
in a double feature with tarzan
w c fields with his thumbs in his vest
and john wayne riding through the west

i remember stoves with coal
and swimming in the old swimming hole
a dog named bud who came when you called
and the full moon shining over it all

i would give your information age
with its trillions of bytes of hate and rage
its temples of steel and towers of glass
to see bud running through the tall green grass

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


a nothing apple
falls from a tree
on a nothing hill
beside a nothing sea

the nothing sailors
on the nothing boat
laugh at the reporter
and won’t give him a quote

about the nothing princess
who never drowned
in the nowhere river
in her nowhere gown

never and forever
and all the same
the score is nothing to nothing
in the nowhere game

the nowhere cats
and the nowhere dogs
howl like houdini
in the nowhere fog

locked in a trunk
with a nowhere lock
the clock strikes midnight
on a nowhere clock

the bubbles float
on the nowhere surface
of the nothing river
with no end or purpose

on the nowhere horizon
of the nothing sky
sweet sue sings softly
in the sweet bye and bye